The buyer’s guide to single serve coffee maker

If you are the lone coffee drinker in your house and would like to buy a coffee maker for yourself, then the single serve coffee makers would be the correct choice for you. They are simple and quick to brew coffee and provide you with a delicious cup of coffee without any leftovers. Since this is a long-term investment, it is important that you check all the features and drawbacks before buying it for yourself. With the help of this guide, you would be able to make an informed decision easily. Here is the list of the top coffee makers for 2017.

Why Single-Serve Coffee Machine?

Single-Serve Coffee Machines provide you with convenience and a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want in just a couple of minutes. It has a lot of advantages which makes it a more popular choice for most people.

  • Convenience

Single Serve coffee machines are very simple and convenient to use, all you have to do is fill the machine with your coffee pod or capsule and press the brew button and your coffee will be ready.

  • Freshness

Since the ground coffee is stored in a pod or a capsule, you can always be sure that your coffee would be fresh and there won’t be any leftovers.

  • Variety

With a single serve coffee maker, you can make a variety of coffee, you just need the right flavored coffee pod for that.

  • Quickness

It takes just 3 minutes to brew a cup of coffee with single-serve machines which make it a better choice than the other coffee machines.

What are the types of Single-Serve Coffee Machine?

There are mainly three types of Single-Serve Coffee Machines:

  1. Pod Makers

This type of coffee machines is more famous in hotels and use the drip system to brew coffee. You load a tea-bag in the bag, add the water and then press brew to prepare your coffee.

  1. Single Brew

This type of coffee machines are good for a single coffee drinker and tend to be smaller than a normal coffee machine. They follow the normal concept of filling the ground coffee, loading the filter and hitting the brew button.

  1. Hybrid

One of the best machine for people who want both a pot of coffee and the single-serve option, this coffee machine does both and allows you an option to choose from both the functions.

  1. Capsule

The simplest single serve machine which requires you to load your machine with a capsule and then hit the brew button and your fresh coffee is ready. They have special K-cups or capsules which you would need to stock up on whenever you want a cup of coffee.

What features to look for?

  • Brew Settings

One of the most important feature to look for in a coffee machine is if it has a variety of brew settings to allow you to different flavored and strength coffee whenever you want. If you are a coffee lover, then you would want many settings but if you are a casual drinker, you might be happy with fewer settings. One of the best single serve coffee maker is ninja coffee bar. Here, you can check ninja coffee bar price and reviews.

  • Quantity

The next important thing to check is that how many cups of coffee your coffee machine can brew in a single go. If you need coffee frequently, then you might want a machine which can brew 4-10 cups of coffee at a time so its water reservoir should be big enough to hold that much water.

  • Size

Another important thing to consider is the size of the coffee machine. You don’t want your machine to take up a greater part of the counter if you are going to use it only once a day. So go for a size which is manageable and easily portable.

  • Ease to get coffee grounds

One of the most important feature to check out is that what is used to make coffee in the coffee machine. Whether it is pods or capsules or ground coffee, you would need to determine how easy it is to obtain it and then choose a coffee machine for yourself.

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